nh bench small

Benches are a good way, we think, of getting a sculpture into the public domain without anybody noticing - everybody needs to sit down!
So we have undertaken several commissions for benches and invariably they are not vandalised.
Where possible we consult with local people to get design ideas, sometimes working with a local school, sometimes with residents - in Scunthorpe, for instance, Pete had discussions with people who had worked in the steelworks.
And for New Holland Jubilee bench we used the concrete ends of the original coronation bench, which local people helped design and make mosaics for.
So, from the top:

  • New Holland Jubilee bench
  • Snap time - Scunthorpe
  • Midby Park, Barrow
  • East Kirkby Millenium
  • Shift change at Lysaghts, Scunthorpe


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