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Welcome to our website - we hope you will browse around and find it interesting.  


The site is constantly under construction  - please bear with us! - we'll keep it updated as much as possible


 Xceptional designs consists of Pete Rogers and Alex Hallowes.   Please look under 'meet the team' to find out more about us.


We've divided the site into several sections, since our work is so diverse.  Please use the navigation buttons on the left  to move around

(if they are on the right, it means you need to download acrobat to the latest version - apparently)(oh, and Google chrome doesn't support Flash Player any more, so you might need to use another browser)

(don't I sound knowledgable...)


Lastly, we would really appreciate your comments about our site and our work.  Please tell us - there's a  contact page at the end.  

Thanks for the visit!

Welcome to our site

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